Identity Guard



Guard your identity from identity theft and online fraud, which specifically targeting consumers and business accounts. By leveraging social engineering and the latest in malware technology, including man-in-the-browser attacks, today’s online criminals are increasingly sophisticated and effective.

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Today's organizations regularly store sensitive information on corporate networks, often for workgroup collaboration. It is crucial that these files are secure when stored on the network and while in transit and while maintaining seamless access to these files for the trusted workgroup and doing so without introducing any administrative burden to the workgroup. Entrust's network folder encryption solution, Entrust Entelligence Group Share, helps address these issues by providing automatic, transparent and persistent encryption of sensitive data.

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Digital Signature

The Entrust TruePass™ portfolio provides end-to-end Web security with unmatched ease of use and user transparency. Information that is protected by Entrust TruePass is secure as it is transmitted in both directions over the Internet (browser to server, server to browser) and when it is stored on the Web server and back-end servers.

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