Vulnerability Assesment

The Internet offers a cost-effective and effective means for businesses to promote themselves to the world and to conduct their business online. All this is done at a fraction of the cost of conventional methods and will drive widespread adoption of web sites as the means to capture customer mind-share and service customer request.

There is an estimated 2-4 million on-line ecommerce sites globally. More than 4-7 million ecommerce sites/ web servers globally need protection world-wide from web threat.Cyber crime has surpassed drug trafficking as a criminal money-maker. Every three seconds, an identity is stolen worldwide. Cyber crime is now a complete underground economy turning over billions of dollars a year.

SAFEWEB is a website vulnerability assessment service over the cloud that scans your websites for vulnerabilities that will affect your service to customers. It detects vulnerabilities on Operating Systems, web servers, application servers, application codes and also performs Malware Monitoring.

Safeweb monitoring is done on a daily and non-intrusive basis. Vulnerabilities detected are supported with e-mail alerts and remediation advice.

Safeweb provides a very cost-effective means to protect your website and brand value from imminent threats on the online world.