Fraud Detection

Financial institutions offering Internet-based services to hundreds of thousands of their customers have come under an intensive assault on internet fraud because of the relatively low level of effort required to capture potentially lucrative rewards for successful attacks. Online criminals have adopted increasingly sophisticated methods, including phishing and man-in-the-middle attacks, aimed at circumventing traditional online safeguards and security measures.


Entrust TransactionGuard provides real-time monitoring of transactions, passive detection of fraudulent activities, behavioral understanding of transaction patterns and non-invasive, user-notification methods. Entrust TransactionGuard consists of Real Time Fraud Detection, FraudMart and key fraud signatures. This proven solution is ready for rapid deployment, requires no invasive integration with existing banking applications, and does not impact the user experience.    

TransactionGuard’s key benefits include

  • Monitors and detects fraud with no impact to existing applications

  • Helps organizations comply with industry and governmental consumer protection regulations

  • Provides a low-cost solution that can be rapidly deployed to all of your users

  • Up-to-date with latest fraud patterns and signatures with built-in integration with Entrust Open Fraud Intelligence Network

  • Rich forensic and reporting based on all transactions, not just a subset

  • Seamlessly operates with the Entrust IdentityGuard versatile authentication platform for riskbased authentication