Digital Signing

Entrust TruePass

The Entrust TruePass™ portfolio provides end-to-end Web security with unmatched ease of use and user transparency. Information that is protected by Entrust TruePass is secure as it is transmitted in both directions over the Internet (browser to server, server to browser) and when it is stored on the Web server and back-end servers.

Entrust TruePass provides accountability by allowing users to digitally sign online transactions. Digital receipts can also be provided to increase user confidence in the transaction. Uniquely, Entrust TruePass applies digital signatures to the entire Web page, not only the data entered by a user. This provides true audit and non-repudiation capabilities.

Increasing and improving organizations’ abilities to communicate securely with employees, customers, citizens and partners, Entrust TruePass is being used around the world to enable:

  • Paper-based processes to be moved online protected by end-to-end and bi-directional encryption

  • Security for existing applications with less integration and programming

  • Multiple methods of strong user authentication

  • Accountability of transactions using digital signatures, digital receipts and encryption for information privacy

  • Single sign-on across multiple domains

  •  Easy deployment to millions of users with automatic user enrolment and automatic user password reset capabilities

Market-Leading Capabilities

Not all Web security products are created equal. Entrust TruePass is a unique combination of enhanced security, easy deployment and user flexibility that is unmatched in the marketplace. Specifically, Entrust TruePass leads the market in delivering:

  1. End-to-end encryption from browser to server, server to browser, as well as maintaining the encryption of data as it is stored on back-end systems and databases accessed via the Web

  2. Encryption and digital signature security for file attachments that are uploaded to and downloaded from Web sites

  3. b authentication — supporting a broad range of authentication methods, including tokens and smart cards, Entrust TruePass makes it possible to achieve a positive identification of users connecting to your Web portal.

  4. Digital signatures — including three-key pair capabilities, to confirm the integrity of information and provide a binding record of accountability.

  5. Accountability for the entire content of a transaction — applying digital signatures to the entire contents of a web page, not just the data submitted in data fields

  6. Extension to other solutions for reduced TCO — easily extend security to include identity management, Web access control, enterprise security and other secure applications leveraging the same user identities

“Must Have” Features

As the world’s first Java-based product to receive FIPS 140-1 certification, Entrust TruePass supports the following key features and capabilities:

  • SSL is used (visitors will see the SSL Lock Icon) with additional layers of security to enable end-to-end encryption and digital signatures

  • Roaming capabilities for mobile users

  • Strong authentication including support for smart cards, tokens and third-party digital IDs

  • Zero-footprint Java applet for easy deployment • Single sign-on to multiple Web domains

  • User self-enrollment and automated administration capabilities to reduce help-desk costs

  • Built on industry standards to enable interoperability