Single Sign-On

Our Single Sign-On solution is a high performance, scalable Web access control solution. Itcentrally manages access to multiple applications through a single solution, providing users with single sign-on to the applications and content they are authorized to see.

With the broadest support for user authentication methods, flexible roles and rules-based access control, self-service features, and proven performance to millions of users, our solution enables organizations to reduce administration costs while driving more services through their Web portal.

This innovative solution enables organizations to cost effectively support large scale enterprise and federated Web portal environments and minimize risk, providing the ability to support unlimited amounts of users without the need for large upfront investments.

As a key component of an organization's Web portal and identity management security strategies, we make it possible to identify whom you are doing business with through your online Enterprise or Federated portal architecture. It also provides authorization to personalized information based on user identities.

We centralize security management to provide a common infrastructure to manage user identities, and enable authentication and authorization across multiple applications. Our approach delivers the performance and reliability necessary to secure the largest Enterprise Web portals without sacrificing security.