Out-Of-Band Authentication

MOBILE OUT-OF-BAND AUTHENTICATION SYSTEM (MOBAS) is a User Authentication method using Miss-Call and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology. It provides the advantage of the voice based delivery at a cost comparable to SMS based transaction without compromising security.

MOBAS uses its unique miss-call approach in authenticating the customer which is FASTER, SECURED and more COST-EFFECTIVE compared to conventional methods. It also uses IVR to authenticate higher risk transactions when it is critical to enforce non-repudiation.

This technology provides Financial Institutions the capability to enhance the customer experience on their online banking applications at a cost that is comparable, if not lower, than conventional means.

Some of the situations in which MOBAS can be implemented to address common business challenges are :-

Internet Banking Account Activation On-Demand

Financial Institutions can now fortify their online banking applications with an additional barrier towards application intrusion but with minimal monetary cost and customer experience impact.

With MOBAS, the customers can activate and de-activate their internet banking accounts just by a miss-call to MOBAS server located in the bank. By de-activating the internet account, fraudsters will not be able to login to the customer’s account even if they have obtained the user credentials through unethical means; e.g. phishing, pharming, etc.

Internet Banking First Time Activation

Bank customers can now perform first-time activation of their internet accounts from the comfort of their homes. Our technology removes the need for these customers to physically go to the bank ATM to perform the first-time activation.

New Banking Services via IVR Authentication

High risk transactions like changing mobile number, resetting of passwords, high-value fund transfers can be secured using IVR Authentication. Users will receive a call from the bank when they perform such transactions and they will be required to key in a PIN into the mobile phone.

Accurate Call Reports by Sales Team

Enterprises with distributed sales teams can verify the validity of the salesmen’s call reports by having the customers do a miss-call to the server during the sales visit. This will be captured into the system and validation is done with the uploaded call reports.

Faster Service Levels by Service Team

Maintenance requests for Service Oriented organizations can now be raised by having customers raise the request via miss-call. This is automatically captured into the system and a service work order is automatically sent to field engineers for immediate action.