Strong Authentication


Authasas is a robust platform to provide graded authentication in your enterprise infrastructure. Authasas provides a secure and simple way to enhance the strong Windows password policy without burdening the end users and IT staff. This is achieved using various secure authentication methods.

The Authentication Methods include:

  • Biometric Fingerprint (BIO-key BSP, over 50 readers supported)
  • Contact Smartcard (no PKI required)
  • Contactless Smartcard (All major card formats supported)
  • National ID Card - MyKad
  • USB Flash drive
  • Passphrase Q&A (emergency access)

Access to your enterprise applications is made more secure with “What You Have” and “Who You Are” authentication. This significantly increases confidentiality of information and non-repudiation.

Authasas has tight integration with Microsoft Active Directory. It provides x86 & x64 bit support for Microsoft Windows versions XP, Vista & 7, MS server 2003 & 2008 and Citrix.

Authasas® is a strong authentication framework for Microsoft Windows® and Citrix Xenapp® environments. Worldwide thousands of users rely on strong authentication provided by Authasas®. Authasas® is very effective as platform to provide a strong & graded authentication with single sign-on to your enterprise applications and internet applications. Authasas has integration to major leading Single Sign-On vendors to provide graded authentication to your single sign-on environment.

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Authasas is designed to address both overall system security and user acceptance with the following goals in mind:

  • Convenience - Security functionality should be easy to use, so that users will not attempt to bypass it.
  • Flexibility - Different applications call for different security measures, therefore security layers must be flexible in order to provide the right level of protection to the problem being addressed.
  • Centralization - Administrators must be able to manage the entire system in a consolidated and integrated manner, from a central or multiple locations.


Authasas support of Bio-key BSP ensures compatibility and interoperability with over 50 readers. Customers may therefore take advantage of new reader technologies as they become available on the market. The non-proprietary nature of this functionality guarantees a future-proof solution.

Centralized user administration of Authasas is provided through familiar tools available on any workstation or server; minimizes adoption and support cost to IT staff and the enterprise.

Authasas provides local and remote logging of authentication events, password management events, enrollments and others. These features help our clients ensure compliance and accountability is maintained.

Authasas is ultimately easy and user friendly to end users. It integrates into the Windows logon for minimal change to user experience.