Identity Guard

Organizations today are faced with a dramatic rise in online identity fraud. At the same time, they are also dealing with mounting regulatory pressure to improve the security and privacy of online transactions and customer data. Recent highly publicized identity breaches combined with ongoing identity attacks like phishing and pharming, have frightened many consumers away from online banking and e-commerce. According to a recent Entrust Internet Security Survey, concerns about identity theft are causing many online banking customers to decrease or even stop their use of online banking. 


Entrust IdentityGuard: An Open Multifactor Authentication Platform

As an established global leader in online security, Entrust has developed an open multifactor authentication platform that can help organizations protect user identities to reduce the risk of fraudulent transactions. Entrust IdentityGuard provides choice and flexibility to both end users and enterprises by offering a variety of multifactor and mutual authentication capabilities ranging from machine and knowledge-based authentication through to physical second factor with Entrust's patented grid based authentication or 3rd party time synchronous hardware devices such as tokens. By offering a choice of authentication capabilities, Entrust IdentityGuard allows organizations to tailor security across a wide range of users, transactions and applications. This enables organizations to apply the right level of strong authentication - based on consumers' needs. These innovative capabilities allow each party in an online transaction to have increased confidence in the identity of the other, while providing a flexible range of options to match authentication strength to the expected fraud risk for a given transaction.

With Entrust IdentityGuard, organizations can authenticate users only when necessary, through non-invasive methods if appropriate, and thereby minimize the risk of abandoned transactions and increased support calls. Designed to be deployed in large-scale consumer environments, the Entrust IdentityGuard platform provides a broad range of authentication capabilities at a single low price - a fraction of the cost of conventional hardware tokens.

Entrust IdentityGuard is designed to complement Entrust Real Time Fraud Detection, and when jointly deployed as part of the Zero Touch Consumer Authentication Solution, can provide organizations with both real-time fraud detection and true risk-based authentication to help protect users' identities and provide security for online transactions.